We can hold San Francisco Brokers Club Events in Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia and New York



You want investors that can share your vision and understand where you are now, where you want to be and what it's going to take to get there. Our expertise is finding the investor that's looking for a company like yours so they can get a financial stake in the future of those companies that aren't satisfied with the status quo.

If this sounds like your company, then SFBC is ready to help you get there.
Synergy is described by some as having three things operating in a specific direction. The significant difference for your future investors in having the San Francisco Broker’s Club (SFBC) present your company in San Francisco is - our focused {game plan}. To do this, we utilize interest in your specific market with a core of specialty brokers and investors, and, provide targeted attendees. In addition, SFBC offers a dual mission statement that is very professional with a very specialized approach to this market. The second part uses our synergy to focus on certain top tier brokers, and their clients, to hear your industry story. Among the ranks of San Francisco’s top tier broker firms attending are those who specialize in your industry assuring interest in your company. This approach is what we have to offer San Francisco’s major stock broker investment community with our SFBC club membership.

The investment in hiring SFBC is simple, we move your agenda forward with a “business on the road - get the story out philosophy”; for our brokers and specific investors. You are investing in our brokers, who communicate with their clients, by like fields of interest in investing. These brokers move the story along to their clients, pushing the excitement as the story unfolds for the investor. We know if you tell your story to clients, if they will like it - they buy it. All investors will move on a stock at low prices when the story of the company positions itself with the indication that it is taking off.

Our people, with focus and synergy, accompanied with our specialized business methods and experience, create the difference. While we didn't create the wheel, we put the wheel on the road. Welcome to the San Francisco brokers' club, we appreciate your feedback.

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